The importance of a halfway pub

My last walk involved 4 hours of unrelenting rain. It was surprisingly enjoyable and provided a test for my newest kit.

I think one of the reasons it wasn’t a bad experience was the promise of a pub halfway along the route.

When it is too cold or wet to picnic a pub in the middle of a walk is essential. Ideally this pub should

  • look like it was built in the medieval years,
  • serve bitter from a local brewery,
  • provide good home cooked food,
  • be run by a landlord who doesn’t glare at you when you walk in with the “you aren’t from around here” expression

The Well House Inn scored 4 out of 4 and despite being unexpectedly packed when I arrived, I was found a place at the bar to eat.

When it is picnic season, the pub merely has to serve a good pint and be a couple of miles from the end of the walk. This enables me to fully enjoy the self-satisfaction of completing a day in the countryside before getting the train back to the noise of Brixton.  

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